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New Job Process
Most customers are new to the remodeling process and often don't know what to expect when starting this journey. At Kimble Tile we try to keep our customers informed every step of the way on what happens. It starts with our first contact, to the finalization of the project. Here are the steps of our process at Kimble Tile:

Step 1:
The Estimate

Scheduling an estimate with Kimble Tile is simple. You can call us at 586.306.4137 to set up an estimate, or just click the Contact Us link above and you will be directed right to the request form. Just fill it out and Rick Jr. will be with you as soon as possible to schedule your estimate. Once the estimate is scheduled Rick Jr. will come to your home on the scheduled date and discuss the overall project. If you have any ideas or pictures from the internet such as Pinterest or any design websites, please do not hesitate to show us. We love to see your ideas, that way we can quote the project correctly. If you have an idea of what you'd like to do, it makes the process go a little quicker. If you have time before the estimate to go to one of our distributors and get samples, that will definitely help. Our distributors can be found with the link above.

Step 2:
The Quote

After the estimate, Rick Jr. will type a quote for you within 24-48 hours and email it to you. We try to be as detailed as possible with what we are going to do. So take the time to read every line, and make sure we didn't miss anything, and that way everyone is on the same page as to what will be going on during the project. Quotes will include everything you will need to know from what is included in our price, and what you will be liable for purchasing. 

Step 3:
Accepting The Quote

Great! We're at the part of the process that gets you on our schedule. Once you've chosen Kimble Tile for your project, we will come out with a contract for both of us to sign. We do require a deposit toward the labor and materials in order to schedule this project. We accept checks, credit cards or cash. If you will be using a credit card there will be a 3% service fee added to each transaction.

Step 4:
Selecting Your Materials

Once you've accepted the quote, if you haven't already chosen what you'd like to have installed, this is the time to do it. Once we know what you're installing, we can finalize the price for the tile material cost. 

Step 5:

Now it's time to start your project. We try to start all major projects on Monday's this way we have the whole week to do your project. We never leave your job in the middle of it to go finish someone else's project. When you select Kimble Tile, you get our undivided attention for the duration of your project. Most projects take anywhere from 4-5 days on average. During your project if we find anything else that needs attention, we will bring it to your attention first. We don't just fix it and bill you later. All work is discussed, agreed upon and signed off on by both parties before it is started. Over 95% of our projects do not incur any up-charges. 

Step 6:

We're finally done! Now it's time to review the project and make sure it meets our contract and you're 100% satisfied. Once this is done, we will collect the final balance and give you a final invoice stating everything has been paid in full and the contract has been satisfied.